Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fabulous Jan Constantine Competition!

This time round, we have something very special for you.  To thank you all for paying so much attention to the blog over the past couple of weeks, we decided to pull together a few prizes and run a fantastic weekend competition!

The prizes – all for one lucky person – include a pink Union Jack pincushion, a needle case and best of all a signed copy of Jan Constantine’s new book, ‘Love Stitching’!

The best thing is that it’s really too easy to be in with a chance of winning.  All you have to do is comment below with an answer to this question:

Which is your favourite Jan Constantine product and why?

Remember to leave your email address so we can get in touch.  We’ll have judged the answers by the middle of next week, so you can expect your prizes to be on their way to you in no time at all… but hurry up with those answers, because the competition closes on Monday morning!  

Good luck!


  1. I love the iconic Jan Constantine Union Jack cushion with the heart. To me it sums up the brand and also gives a softer, homely edge to the fashionable union jack. Claire Watson

    1. This was our ALT land house caterers in York the food was outstanding. The decorations were rich. The staff is very friendly, including our excellent manager, Danielle. The execution was perfect. They were expensive, but you pay for the best…

  2. My favourite Jan Constantine product is the beautiful cushion I received as a housewarming gift. I was thrilled to open it and display it in my living room. Its colours and warmth and the message of 'Love' always make me smile when I look at it and draws many comments from guests. I shall pass it down to my children, who love it too and I am certain it will become a treasured heirloom for the future generations of my family.


  3. My favourite product is the map of the UK cushion. I bought one for a friend as a leaving the UK gift and loved it. A month later my husband bought me one. Each time I look at it, it reminds me of how lucky I am to have, such a wonderful husband and have met such special friends. Precious memories!

  4. My favourite has to be the "catherine and William" commemorative cushion by far one of the nicest things I have seen to celebrate the wedding of the year.

  5. My Favourite product has to be the "Catherine and William" cushion which is by far the nicest item produced to celebrate the wedding of the year!!! I hope they were sent one!!

  6. My favourite products are the beautiful books. Why choose just one product when you can have the books, drool over the gorgeous designs, and then create them over and over for yourself, family and friends!
    Pippa Bowman

  7. It has to be the instantly recognisable Union Jack cushion - my very first piece of Jan Constantine! I first saw it in the interiors section of a magazine and fell instantly in love with it's quirky charm. I managed to track one down and it quickly took pride of place on my sofa. That was about 6 years ago (maybe more!) and it's had it's fair share of wear & tear (my boisterous nephews & nieces and 2 naughty cats are no respectors of soft furnishings!) but it's still going strong, still has pride of place on my sofa and people still ask "Is that a Jan Constantine cushion?"
    (gemma hewson, facebook)

  8. My favourite is th LOVE cushion as we all need to spread a little more love x

  9. My favourite Jan Constantine product is my Union Jack scarf. I love how it brightens up a plain black coat in winter. It makes me feel patriotic and fashionable. Every time I wear it people comment and ask where it is from (can you believe they dont know ???). A man even stopped me in Knutsford to tell me how much he liked it !

  10. I have to agree the cushions are my favourite, the oblong fab Love cushion is just brilliant. Though I have noticed the new range of psychadelic cushions on your website which look right up my street! The psychadelic flowers in black is now at the top of my wishlist!

  11. My absolute favourite product is my God Save the Queen tea cosy - It makes me smile :)