Friday, 26 August 2011

Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Gemma Hewson, winner of last week's blog competition

Gemma's response to the question was:

'It has to be the instantly recognisable Union Jack cushion - my very first piece of Jan Constantine! I first saw it in the interiors section of a magazine and fell instantly in love with it's quirky charm. I managed to track one down and it quickly took pride of place on my sofa. That was about 6 years ago (maybe more!) and it's had it's fair share of wear & tear (my boisterous nephews & nieces and 2 naughty cats are no respecters of soft furnishings!) but it's still going strong, still has pride of place on my sofa and people still ask "Is that a Jan Constantine cushion?"'

We loved Gemma's answer because it showed an ongoing dedication to the brand and a real sense of pride about Jan Constantine's products.

We have a surprise for you, however - we also really liked two of the other answers.  If you entered the competition, check your inbox tonight to see if you're one of the lucky runners-up.  You may still be receiving some prizes!

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