Friday, 29 July 2011

The Joys of Jan Constantine Stationery

 We’re on our third blog post now, but we are still very much the babies of the blogosphere.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts so far!

This post is recommendation more from me than from anybody else.  In a box in the back of the office this morning, I discovered the new Blueprint Stationery.  I already own enough pens to sink an ocean liner, but word has it that John Lewis have ordered in quite a few of the pens bearing the classic “Love” design, so this already looks set to be a popular collection.  I recommend you check it out – though the collection isn’t in stock just yet, it is possible to pre-order some items on the website.  I‘m especially fond of the Union Jack writing set; if, like me, you’re among the top ten candidates for the ‘Worst Handwriting in the World’ award, you might want something like this to make your letters more… acceptable.  Or else risk being judged by the recipient forever and ever.

I’m possibly being a little overdramatic.  But in an environment so set in emails (and blogs), beautiful writing sets like this are hard to come by.  Jan agrees:
... And adding to all that, they're also quite a bit cheaper than many of Jan's other products.  I imagine they'd make fantastic presents (hint hint - somebody please buy me a nice pen).

A heads up:  sometime very soon, Jan herself will be making an appearance on the blog to share her thoughts with you (get ready to throw out the virtual red carpet).  Also coming up we have an interview with her concerning her role as an expert in ITV’s Auction Party.  We want to tell you things you’re interested in, so if you have any questions for ‘Jan in the van’, we’d love to hear them.

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