Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christmas Comes Early to the London Stores.

Christmas came early this year in London.  Selfridges opened their Christmas Shop in July, Harrods and Liberty were not far behind, in August.  Can you spot our Classic Alpine Christmas things in these snaps?

            Liberty of London - a magical stag display - spot our Stag Christmas Stocking in the center.

More of our stockings at Liberty of London.

Our Crown Tea Cosy and Crown Zipper Purse in pride of place in Selfridges.

Noel Noel!  Beautifully merchandised at Harrods

Skiers and Chalet Cushions in Harrods.

Harrods Love Christmas!  Spot our Alpine Advent Calendar and Gypsy Heart cushion?

Beautiful Advent at Harrods.

Stockings and hearts at Harrods.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in September!

This last couple of weeks, we have been immersed in Christmas ....again!  We exhibited at 'Home' in London and launched our new range - The Nordic Grey Christmas Collection......

Buyers from the best stores in London,  Japan, the US and Europe, as well as the chicest boutiques in Britain all loved it.......

Our Snowflake Throw in Nordic Grey wool makes a fabulous Christmas table cloth - perfect with the Nordic Advent Calendar displayed above.

The Nordic Bunting is beautiful and makes a cool alternative to our classic Alpine Bunting.  The faux fur trimming the edges of the cushions and stockings is 'Heaven' says Lucie ... maybe she's thinking of the Angel!

How lovely is this Nordic Grey Collection for a neutral background - so chic!

Bonne Annee 2015!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Creating Christmas 2015.

This week we travelled down to the South Coast to create our Christmas shoot at Carolines - she lives in St Leonards on Sea.  The great thing about shooting there - we get to see the sea!

Here are a few 'behind the scene' snaps and a sneak peek of our new collection.....

The sea at St Leonards.

Jo & Lucie - working hard on the white floor!

Jo - folding and smoothing.

Final touches  - lighting the candles on the Classic Red Collection.  Don't you just love that Advent Tree Calendar!

Our new Nordic Grey Collection ... and a little bit more light!  That Advent Tree Calendar again! 

Hanging the bunting - more Nordic Grey with gorgeous cushions edged in fur.

The Nordic Grey Christmas Table - we have all fallen in love with the Tree Advent Calendar.  Wait till you see Caroline's proper photos - they are divine!

The new Christmas Collection will be launching on-line in September at

Hope you like it!


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Personalised Just for You!

As a follow on to last week's sneak peek into the JC HQ - here we are again with our new Personalised Collection.  After the huge success of our Magic Heart Cushions we decided to extend the collection and make some children's personalised cushions to add to the collection.

Above, Flo, Mary, Lucie and Jo are proud to launch this lovely new Personalised Collection.

The girls were so inspired that they decided to make their own personalised cushions.  Here they are pinning on their names.

Flo working on her red spot cushion.

Mary, almost there just a few stitches to go.

Keeping Lucie quiet - a skill for life!

                         Here - almost done,  they  just need a good press - et voila!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Sending all our love to Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty of London.

Here at JC HQ we can’t go away just yet because it’s too busy - this is the week we despatch our autumn and Christmas collections to the London stores - so it’s been a little bit bedlam!

Here's a sneak peek into the world of JC HQ -  here we have Jo, my design assistant and Flo on the right, who originally came to us when my girls were small, as an au pair from France.  She's returned many times over the last 8 years and now works in the office with us.

Exclusive Christmas stockings created  for Liberty of London with peacock feathers and crowns.

Don't forget these little beauties Mr Selfridge!

"And I Love the London taxi" says Lucie

Packing some of our favorite things for some of our favourite London stores
                                                 Lucie is an intern, also from France.  If you phone and hear a lovely French accent - it may be Lucie or it could be Flo!  Sometimes they forget they're in England and start to rabbit in French.  It's nice to be a little bit international in our small English country village - the villagers don't know what's hit them - Ooh la la!

Flo will try anything to get to the London Room launch at Selfridges!

All packed up and ready for DPD!
Selfridges and Liberty next stop - Harrods next week.
                   Will keep you posted on the launch and when we'll be in store at Selfridges.
                                                              Hope to see you there! X

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Beautiful Stores of Bath.

Last week I went to Bath with David to celebrate his birthday and to swoon over the beautiful Georgian Architecture.  While there, I spent a few wonderful hours wandering up and down the streets and browsing around the fabulous stores.

I've been visiting Bath for many years and always admire the superb frontage of The Fine Cheese Co. Step inside to find the most delicious wines, cheeses and treats.

Again another old favourite of mine - Suzanna's antiques and textiles are exquisite.  Her lace, crystals, and quilts are from a bygone era, so feminine, so French and so decadent - I love these gorgeous pieces.

In complete contrast, the Fig Store is only one year old.  You must step inside to see and feel the full beauty and ambiance of the vintage, utility furnishings and simple, new accessories.  A breath of fresh air!

Another new store on the block - Avenida Home belongs to my friend Isobelle, whom I know from meeting at various exhibitions in London, Paris and Tokyo.  Her work is beautiful - modern trays, table mats and coasters with contemporary prints.  

Another little store that always catches my eye is The British Hatter.  If you're after a panama - here it is!
There are so many more beautiful stores in Bath - watch this space for more.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Judging at 'Simply Cheshire'

I was delighted to be asked to judge the 'Best in Show' at 'Simply Cheshire' last weekend.  The event, which was a new shopping fair, was held at Arley Hall & Gardens.

This is one of the best of its type of event that I've been to, with it's very high standards, great mix of products, food and drink.  The greatest thing was -  the producers and creative artists all either came from, or worked within Cheshire.

A lovely sunny day!

Local Cider from Dunham Press

Lizzie Prestt with her beautiful line drawings and homewares.

With the local charity, The Joshua Tree.

Inspecting the stands in the Cruck Barn.  So much to see and all such high quality, beautiful products.

Admiringthe beautiful bespoke gloves by Humphrey's.

The winner of the 'Best in Show' is Lou from 'Ox Eye Daisy'.  Her painted garden shed looked a treat in the cobbled courtyard of the Tudor Barn.  Also here are Sally and Suzie, the organisers and Ben, fellow judge from Savills.

In 2nd palce - Jam Industries - I thought that this sophistocated surf wear and strong branding were fantastic. 

In 3rd place is Anna Flora, in conjunction with Tom Brown.  Anna made a glorious display of flowers, intermingled with Tom's antiques and curiosities.

  Well done Sally and Suzie, a wonderful event!