Thursday, 3 March 2016

Jan & Jo in Japan.

Konichiwa!  Hello from me and Jo in Tokyo where the weather here is sunny, cold and crisp.

We are always receive a warm welcome from Japan

With David Buckley, President of Copyrights Asia 

We’re away on a trade mission with the UKTI, flying the flag for Britain and meeting lots of Japanese contacts.  While we’re here we’re launching our ‘Top Secret’ collection and getting some great feedback. 

Traditional Kumi-daiko performance (drumming entertainment) in the British Embassy Gardens

This is the founder of Kushi Shibaten restaurant in the 1870s, great Izakaya style food that we sampled with David an Masaru in downtown Shimbashi

We sampled some lovely Sake 

 With Hisaki Shintaku as we entered Akasaka Umaya,

A Kabuki actor produced restaurant

We enjoyed our final after with Hisaki and Sho in a great traditional Japanese restaurant.
The restaurant offers interesting lunch boxes, whose menu is inspired and arranged from "catering lunch for Kabuki actor"

We enjoyed lots of wonderful fish during our trip

We find the Japanese culture so inspiring and beautiful

Farewell Tokyo, we will visit you again soon.
arigatou gozaimasu

Friday, 19 February 2016

14 Years of Milestones.

As we reach our 14th Birthday on Monday, I've pulled out a few images depicting some happy milestones since starting the business in 2002
Launching Jan Constantine at Spirit of Christmas 2002

My first Union Jack design 2004

I wrote my first book in 2008

My bestselling Pop Art Collection
Teaching sewing workshops at Liberty of London - make you own!

Throwing cushions with Lord Coe during our London 2012 phase!
Working in TV with Lawrence and Lland Michelle (editor of Elle Deco) 
Launch of 2nd book at Fornum & Mason, with Jaqui Small (Publisher) and Rosalind Howells (Buyer).

Discussions about export with HRH Prince Charles

After talking at the 'Wire Conference'

With Akiko from the British Embassy in Tokyo

And Japanese friends.

Having a laugh with Boris (Mayor of London) in Osaka, Japan in October.

Sewing in Selfridges, me, Jo and Lucy.

Today!  On the 4th floor of Selfridges - for Mothers Day.
Watch this space!
Love Jan X

Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 - My Year in Pictures

Goodbye 2015.  Snaps of the highlights and thrills of my year .....

January 2015.  Launch of my new China Collection.

February -  BAFTA  Nomination for my sister's film.  Elaine Constantine, writer and director.

March - working on new designs from beautiful  Port Isaac.

April - nominated for Cheshire Woman of the Year!

April - speaker at 'Enterprising Women' seminar for 'Management Today'

May - Speaker for UKTI at  Export Week Women in Business lunch event

June - Gained a new sister-in-law - Sylvia.

August - Sewing demo at Selfridges, London with Jo and Lucie.

August - With Mary upon Pooley Bridge at Ullswater - sadly, now washed away in the floods!

August - Concerts in my village!  Amongst others - Tom Jones and Collabro - fabulous!

The beautiful spires of Oxford - dropping daughter Camille to begin her  Creative Writing Masters Degree

October - with friends while exhibiting at Hankyu Department Store in Japan

Chatting with Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, in Osaka.

October.  Judging and presenting awards at 'The Northern Design Awards',  this year at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool

November - Camille's first poetry book launch - 'Malkin'

November - Exhibiting at the Country Living Fair, London.

December - Happy New Year!

2015 in Pictures

Goodbye 2015!  Some snaps of the highlights and thrills:

January - Launch of my new China Collection

February BAFTA Nomination for my sister,  Elaine Constantine,  writer and Director of Northern Soul

March - Spending time designing in beautiful Port Isaac 

April - Nominated for Cheshire Woman of the Year!

April - Speaking at Business Today's Enterprising Women Conference

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christmas Comes Early to the London Stores.

Christmas came early this year in London.  Selfridges opened their Christmas Shop in July, Harrods and Liberty were not far behind, in August.  Can you spot our Classic Alpine Christmas things in these snaps?

            Liberty of London - a magical stag display - spot our Stag Christmas Stocking in the center.

More of our stockings at Liberty of London.

Our Crown Tea Cosy and Crown Zipper Purse in pride of place in Selfridges.

Noel Noel!  Beautifully merchandised at Harrods

Skiers and Chalet Cushions in Harrods.

Harrods Love Christmas!  Spot our Alpine Advent Calendar and Gypsy Heart cushion?

Beautiful Advent at Harrods.

Stockings and hearts at Harrods.

Merry Christmas!